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February 7th, 2008

I applaud three truly remarkable men who are so bold as to categorize and explain, mostly in their own words, vaste stores of knowledge. They are David Darling, Glyn Hughes and Frank Smitha: internet encyclopedists.

David Darling offers us his INTERNET ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE. Because he, himself, writes many entries and passes judgement on the rest, he must take personal responsibility for all the entries. Specialist experts are the contributors in normal encyclopedias. Darling offers us what he, a non-expert, understands of each subject. And he writes charmingly and imaginatively. He takes evident pleasure in making ideas assimilable. Something experts often fail to do.

Glyn Hughes, in his SQUASHED PHILOSOPHERS, encapsulates for us the wisdom of the western world’s philosophers! Who would have thought it possible?


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