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Meaning from Data

February 13th, 2016

Intelligence: Artificial vs. Real

Here is the problem David Cope solved many years ago.

Given the enormous musical library of compositions left to us by the venerable Johann Sebastian Bach, can new compositions be manufactured as if his signature were upon them? As if they were long lost Bach musical manuscripts only recently discovered?

Cope reincarnated Bach by giving us compositions Bach didn’t produce but very well might have produced. Here are links to two of these remarkable works:



Now consider the problem every baby must solve in learning to talk. Baby Kate is presented with an enormous data base of words  that she hears over, perhaps, two years. They come at her in various combinations – statements. And from this library she constructs her own word statements. Her elders can understand them. But Kate’s words are original creations manufactured from the library at her disposal in her memory.

The parallel is evident. It is not precisely known how Baby Kate does this. But it is, in fact, done on digital computers. Perhaps there are elements in the way computers are programmed to do it that hint at how the brain might do it. (more…)

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